About Grill Grates

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Are you sick and tired of cooking on your BBQ and getting big flare ups that ruin your cook?

Does your cooks dry out and look lifeless?

Do you want what you cook on your BBQ to look as good as this?

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Grill Grates are an amazing product that allows you to turn ordinary to extraordinary!




  • Grill Grate is made from Extruded aluminum then anodized to prevent warping
  • Has a tongue and grove joints for easy assembly that interlocks
  • Valleys to Capture then vaporize juices infusing the steak with its own natural flavor
  • Has air flow vents that allows just the right amount of hot air to assist the cooking process yet minimized the risk of flare ups
  • Is great for cooking all sorts of meat and vegtables

Every Grill Grate kit comes with a Free Special Gill Grate tool 



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