JG BBQ Offset Plate

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Product Description

Bring new life to your Weber kettle using the JG BBQ Offset Plate.


The JG BBQ Offset Plate sits on top of the lower (charcoal) grill and instantly turns your trusty kettle into a classy offset smoker. The ‘Patent Pending’ design allows for an even distribution of heat making it the perfect environment for all low ‘n’ slow applications. What’s more is that it works sensationally well with Firebrand Briquettes and Hardwood Charcoal.


Due to the effectiveness of the design, you now can cook a 6kg Brisket in your kettle without  having to rotate the meat at all throughout the cook. Without doubt, the JG BBQ Offset Plate will fast become your favourite piece of kit in your BBQ arsenal. Impress your friends with that perfect reverse seared steak or smash out up to 3kg of perfectly smoked Chicken wings in one go.


Setting up is as easy as pouring a chimney full of unlit charcoal into one side of the charcoal chamber and then adding approximately 1/3 of a chimney of lit charcoal to the other side which will allow them to burn slowly across the un-lit charcoal. As the pit gets closer to your desired temperature, start adjusting the vents accordingly and place a chunk of your preferred smoking wood on top of the rack over the hot coals to give you a clean burn. This set up will provide you anywhere from 4 – 12 hours of cook time depending on what you are smoking and what temperature you run the pit at.


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Fits most 57cm Weber kettle grills and some generic kettle grills. Please check your internal BBQ grill dimensions if you are not sure the plate will fit your set up.

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