Smoker Hire - Hark 2 Door Gas Smoker

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Hiring a smoker for the weekend is a great idea. You might need a second smoker for a large event or just don’t have a smoker of your own. 

Hiring a smoker is a great way to see if you like something before you buy it.

The hark 2 door gas smoker may be the smallest in the bark range but it produces great Bbq.

With 4 shelves I have cooked for over 20 people with ease on this smoker.

Price is for smoker only gas, wood and meat are not included in this price. 

The price is for 48 hours pick up from Melton in Melbourne 

a valid drivers licence is required for proof of identification when hiring 

a deposit of $100 is required and will be refunded when smoker is returned in clean and good condition.


The Bbq Guy

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