The PK Heavy Duty Charcoal Basket

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The PK Heavy Duty Charcoal Basket Organize your briquettes, lump charcoal or wood chunks and make clean-up a breeze with the heavy duty steel charcoal basket from PK. Fits Original PK Grill & Smoker and many other charcoal grills. Great for direct or indirect cooking.

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The OvenGrate & GriddleGrate

The power of infrared cooking grates in your oven. Stove-top cooking for grate results at home with more ways to cook than ever before

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GriddleGrates For Restaurants

Convert a flat top into a high quality grill surface. Replace old grates with the best grilling grates on the market

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GrillGrates on the Go

GrillGrates for popular portable grills are lightweight and easy to pack and carry. Perfect for Biolite and Weber Go Anywhere.

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